The Story


Origami Customs is a customized and handmade line of clothing, which specializes in swimwear and lingerie, made for all bodies.  Since each item is made to your measurements and is sketched and patterned according to your unique ideas, you are guaranteed a perfect fit and a piece that exemplifies your vision. We have an "all body" policy, which means no size caps or price hikes, and everything can be customized to fit any type of body for free. I believe firmly that all type of bodies, including size, gender expression, ability, and age, deserve a perfect fit, without discrimination. 


I grew up in Victoria, Canada, but started designing when I lived in Utila, Honduras. The island is known worldwide as a haven for SCUBA divers, and there I started designing swimwear that was comfortable for people who were in the water every day.

Swimwear is still the focus of my line, concentrating on comfortable, reversible pieces that can be worn in many ways. Each piece is hand-patterned and sewn in my studio. We use the highest quality materials from the most ethical  sources possible.

You can also find staple lingerie pieces, made in super soft and sustainable bamboo, along with mesh and lace.

 I also offer designs that are specific to Queer and Trans customers (you can read more  in the "Trans FAQ" tab), although any piece can be designed for the needs of any person, regardless of gender, without extra fees. 

Whether you can’t find what you are looking for in the stores, you want something made to fit your body perfectly, or you have an idea that you want to bring to life- contact me to turn your ideas into your favorite outfit.