Gender Diverse FAQ

I'm proud to be offering many tested options as well as completely customizable items for people across the gender spectrum. As a Nonbinary Queer Femme with a Transmasculine partner, I care deeply about the needs of the community and have worked to assess the gaps in mainstream markets. 
I have chosen mix these items into the standard "tops" and "bottoms" categories, because ALL the items can be made for any gender identity.  All you have to do is message me in the checkout to let me know what your body needs!
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 I carry a line of everyday Bamboo undies, which are luxuriously soft and stretchy. You will want to live in them, they are so comfortable! The midesction is wider and "pocketed" to allow for comfort, while they do not offer any compression. 
My line of mesh gaffs offer "tuck" and are used for moderate compression to achieve a flattened front.  They come in Black and Bone powermesh.  I offer both fabrics in a thong, cheeky, scrunch or hipster cut. 
There are two styles of swim gaffs which combine the front powermesh layer of the gaff, with a swimwear lycra outer layer. These can be combined with a mesh gaff thong for more flattening. 
As well as the specifically labelled gaffs,  all undies and swim bottoms can be made in a gaff cut for no extra charge. Please just leave me a message in the checkout.
We offer packing harnesses, bamboo briefs and swims shorts for Transmasculine folks which are specifically designed to be worn with a "Packer" or a Stand-To-Pee (STP) device.  They are a super soft, hygienic everyday option to minimize the appearance of the STP while still being able to use it easily and discreetly.
Binders are made to offer moderate compression to the chest, and can be used under clothes or as a tank or swim shirt. The inner powermesh layer(s) offers moderate binding while allowing for some flexibility to make sure breathing is not restricted. It's best to note how much compression you're looking for when you order. 
These play harnesses are compatible with any dildo or hardpack with a flared base, and are made with sturdy lycra material. They can me customized in any rise and cut and feature a flexible 1.5 inch O-ring
All Bras can be made in any band/cup size combination. We offer different styles of inserts here
Accessibility and Discretion 
I have worked extensively within the Queer community to create undergarments which fit outside of the gender binary and I'm happy to help you with those specific needs.  If you need modifications to an item, please message me. 

All my transactions and delivery methods are confidential and discreet. Packages are marked as "clothing".